American Council for Higher Education ( AC-EDU)

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Academic Transcript Archive Center will archive copies of your documents (diploma, transcript, matriculation history , etc.) and place them into a perpetual database for verification by anyone-anytime.

Verification Site Automated Data Systems Archive Service This is Official Verification Service appointed by our subsidiary Universities with more than 829,000 students.

AC-EDU Transcript Archive Center verification service is perpetual, prompt and professional.

The AC-EDU Verification Service perpetual database is designed to handle an unlimited amount of documents, and is staffed with experts in digitalization, verification and disbursement of degree documents the essential guide to the UK

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Member Institution Non - Member Institution
Anglo Saxon University University Zayed University
Croxley Heritage University Pearson Education
London Sanford University Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Victoria Brooke University
Walton University
Wyndham College