American Council for Higher Education ( AC-EDU)


The  AC-EDU is a private, proprietary, degree-granting learning community of faculty, students, staff, and graduates aligned in five member institutions

We offer a non-traditional, distance education system using the most current technology to deliver personal, individualized instruction.

We serve members of the national security community and other scholars in the public and private sectors who seek a rigorous program of higher education that is responsive to their individual needs.

We focus on motivated first-time, continuing, and returning adult learners and working professionals who seek self-directed professional growth and personal development in a way that accommodates and enhances their other commitments to life and work.


Our purpose is to employ the most highly qualified educators and professionals in order to produce graduates who are: technically and academically skilled, intellectually evolved, ethically grounded, responsible, committed to serving others, and dedicated to personal and professional growth.


We are devoted to serving all people who share a commitment to the ideals of service to others, personal accountability, and life long learning. We are committed to the fair and just treatment of our students, employees, and all who interact and communicate with us. We are dedicated to the guaranteed freedom of our students and employees to seek information, practice freedom of expression without concern of reprisal, and access information about the university system and any of its member institutions. We strive to support each learner in a way that is both efficient and effective.

Through a unique blend of universally accessible distance-learning technologies and student-centered teaching techniques, we are able to intellectually challenge each individual while minimizing the distance between professor and student. We continuously review, evaluate, and update our operational procedures and academic programs in order to improve our administrative and teaching methods, as well as our student satisfaction and success. We seek and act upon student, faculty, and employee feedback in order to revise our systems and practices so that we remain an engaged partner-for-learning with business, industry, labor, government, and community in a diverse and dynamic world.


We will continue to experiment with new approaches to higher education delivered at a distance that are consistent with a world-class academic institution. We will satisfy the needs of our students by extending their knowledge and enabling them to accelerate their personal and professional development. We will contribute to the continued growth and maturation of the academic and professional communities that we serve. We will become a global leader in higher education by expanding access to underserved geographic and demographic groups and by providing affordable, quality education to military and military-related professionals. Each member institution of the AC-EDU will focus on a specific set of learners and will establish challenging and useful educational programs that address their unique professional and educational goals.

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